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Uppsala, Sweden, Jan 17, 2024 - Strandberg Guitars is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its RESQ:D series: the Boden RESQ:D Canvas. This groundbreaking guitar represents Strandberg’s commitment to innovation and circular thinking, transforming the guitar industry by utilizing rescued and repurposed materials.

The RESQ:D series, inspired by sustainability, features guitars crafted from "rescued" guitar bodies. These bodies, marked by minor natural blemishes, are repurposed instead of discarded, ensuring no valuable tone wood goes to waste. The Boden RESQ:D Canvas embodies this ethos, offering a sustainable choice without compromising on quality or performance.

Key Features of the Boden RESQ:D Canvas:
Finish:          Prime White Satin Acrylic
Body:           Solid American Basswood with Maple Top
Neck:           Maple with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Fretboard:   Maple
Pickups:      Custom OEM H-S-s Configuration
Hardware:   EGS Rev7 Tremolo Bridge
Unique Personalization: Designed to be customized by players with paint, stickers, or artwork. 

Ola Strandberg, founder of Strandberg Guitars, expressed his enthusiasm: "The Boden RESQ:D Canvas is a testament to our dedication to sustainable innovation. By reimagining materials and embracing circular thinking, we are creating instruments that are not only environmentally responsible but also inspire creativity and individuality among our players."

The RESQ:D series has garnered significant attention and praise within the industry and among players for its innovative approach and environmental consciousness. Musicians appreciate the exceptional playability, ergonomic design, and versatile tonal capabilities of these guitars, all while supporting a sustainable initiative.

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About Strandberg Guitars

What started as a hobby project in the 1980s led Ola Strandberg to found Strandberg Guitars in Sweden in 2012, aiming to lead progressive guitar design. Renowned for ergonomic, lightweight, multi-scale instruments, Strandberg guitars have earned a reputation for innovation and craftsmanship. From the innovative EndurNeck™ profile to versatile pickup configurations, each instrument is thoughtfully engineered to provide exceptional playability and versatility, meeting the demands of modern musicians. Strandberg Guitars is dedicated to empowering players to reach their fullest creative potential on stage, in the studio, and at home. Learn more at strandbergguitars.com.


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